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ManiTis group consist of distinct team like commercial, engineering and technical and supervising with experienced and expertise cadres

ManiTis group along with Two companies

Manitins in Iran, and Dweltt in German work in accordance with Middle East geographical and strategically situation including Iran to provide, supply equipment and regional accessory requirements and exporting Iranian unique, best quality as well as communicating with global markets.

This company is able to supply different types of goods such as petroleum equipment, Chemical product, and exporting Petrochemical and Refinery product to all over the world. Moreover; regarding to its strong relationship with the prominent global companies and consumers in Middle East, Europe it can provide the requirement of related industries.

  • We sell all over the world.
  • Satisfaction or money refund guaranteed.
  • Lifetime updates & support.
  • 24 hours shipping.
  • We provide best tools ever.

Petrotis group consist of distinct team

Petrotis group consist of distinct team like commercial, engineering and technical and supervising with experienced and expertise cadres. During its activities Petrotis group was able to have a stable and effective communication with more public and private companies. In addition, due to requirement from commercial companies; this group has extended its scope.



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since 2015

Our Vision

Stressing on giving accredited and best quality brands with updated European, Asian and American standards to create a sure atmosphere for consumers.

Focusing on presenting the latest accommodation supply methods and services regarding to market and technology procedures Active and effective attending in goods supplying, strategically and principle based equipment in petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries and chemical in Iran and Middle east to develop its share in market extend activity scope for more incoming.

CEO Message

Iran as a resourceful country in natural reserves has been investing heavily in petrochemicals and thereby considered as one of the leading petrochemical commodity producing countries in the Middle East with production surpassing 120 million metric tons per year (MT/y).
Petrochemical industry in terms of know-how, processing with abundant feedstock and trading is considered as a vibrant business because transformation of raw materials into added value commodity products can generate health and wealth for nations. Petrochemical products primarily cover olefins and aromatics which, as the essential building blocks of the petrochemical industry, are being derived from natural oil/gas (hydrocarbons) reserves after several refining processes. They are, in turn, used in the downstream manufacturing of secondary products like detergents, polyurethanes, plastic and synthetic fibers.
With the availability of experience and resources, Manitis geared to deliver quality in the following areas:
  • Provision (supply and export) of oil and petrochemical products, metals and minerals
  • Importation of commodity feedstock/products (including oil, chemical & petrochemical), specialized equipment and machineries for spare parts, catalysts
  • Provision of logistics and related services including all transportations, storage facilities, warehousing near Iranian shipping ports and international outlets, and customs services
  • Facilitation of specialized expert services including representation and auditing
  • Provision of expert services (re feasibility study, market research & due diligence) to international companies geared to engage in investment in Iran petrochemical projects and commodity products.
Undoubtedly, the most important asset of Manitis considered as the trust and confidence gained from its international partners/clients and it is very much the cornerstone of our philosophy to cultivate and strengthen our hard-earned achievements.

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