Equipments & Services


Manitis group provides industrial and specialty services, such as Catalyst Handling and Reactor Mechanical, high-pressure and chemical cleaning, material processing and industrial lodging services to refineries, chemical plants,and other industrial facilities.
Manitis, it is an Equipment group that offers complete this premiere service is supported with well-designed equipment and a professional staff that is backed by years of experience.

Manitis Services:

Our goal is to assure that our clients receive value for each hour we spend on their site. We will help you to minimize costly unproductive time by maintaining effective communication,planning and execution, and controlling of project costs.
Some of our specialized services in Iran include:

  • Hydraulic wrench
  • Hydraulic valve
  • CNC lathe and milling services
  • Manufacture of high pressure hydraulic tools
  • Hydraulic Power pack unit
  • Tank & Environmental
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Hydraulic cylinder 50.000nm