In recent years, due to the opening of numerous petrochemical projects in the country, a favorable environment has been provided for the development of complementary industries as consumers of petrochemical products and completers of the value chain of the petrochemical industry. The development of the private sector's activities in the downstream sector related to oil, gas, and petrochemicals and the better interaction of the upstream and downstream petrochemical industries, while creating added value and higher employment, has created a better environment for the competition of domestic products in the global markets.
Downstream petrochemical industries were established in the country from 1350 to 1355, and their main products were related to the production of hoses (ducts), electric wires, socket switches (bakelite), and other household products that were produced in small workshops where the feed of these workshops was mostly PVCs imported from Japan. But with the end of the imposed war and the completion of the petrochemical value chain in the country, most of the feed for these workshops, which gradually turned into large factories, was also produced inside the country.
Manitis Pars Company, in cooperation with the country's major petrochemical companies, is ready to provide the products of this industry with convenient conditions and in retail and wholesale quantities to the downstream units and consumers of these products. Also, some imported materials that are not produced in the country can be supplied to our dear customers in stock.